31. October 2021

[Mixtape] Kush Koma – Dazed and Konfused (Hosted by DJ Noize)

YEEZY$WORLD and Kado THG team up to bring a smoked out vibe to your ears.
15. April 2021

[Mixtape] Hitman Da Hitmaker – Who Are You (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Hitman Da Hitmaker is a brand new artist coming out of Atlanta. This tape was inspired by the decision to be in the streets or pursue the music. It's a constant battle trying to make it out the hood but through music he plans to escape.
27. March 2021

[Mixtape] K-$TARS – A Voice Unheard

Born in Los Angeles CA, K-$TARS is an emerging, independent rap artist signed to his own brand and record label, Dyvercity Entertainment LLC. His debut album "A Voice Unheard" is now available on all platforms.
11. November 2020

[Mixtape] Snowdaddy – Cold Summer (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by Bankroll Kellz, CEO of Bankroll Music Entertainment from Evansville Indiana aka Grimeyville. SupaFly without a stain listen close you hear da pain.
8. October 2020

[Mixtape] Bankroll Kellz – SupaFly (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by Bankroll Kellz, CEO of Bankroll Music Entertainment from Evansville Indiana aka Grimeyville. SupaFly without a stain listen close you hear da pain.
24. September 2020

[Mixtape] King Julewz V. & Buugie Down – D2: The New Beginning (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Determined 2 is the following project of Determined 1 which is a compilation of diverse and cultural ridden hip hop put together and written by King Julewz V. (Missouri City TX) & Buugie Down (Bronx, NY) featuring DJ Noize. It is safe to say that the genre is well and alive listening to both installments.
10. September 2020

[Mixtape] Y Sit GetteUp – Gette’N Knights (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Gette'N Knights is a mixtape by american rapper Y Sit GetteUp hosted by DJ Noize featuring productions by SOSSA beats, kaisoundz, TRAP MAFIA BEATZ, CamGotHits, ICYTWAT, Spacetime, Cecil, Cre8 Beats & $ECRET.
12. August 2019

[Mixtape] Spree – Bullzeye (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Spree’s debut mixtape ‘Bullzeye’ is a product of what he has been through in his life and the feelings of how these situations made him react.
27. February 2019

[Mixtape] VP Exclusive presents Yuma Allstars Mixtape Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Noize)

The Yuma City Allstars Mixtape has created Unity to build a legendary project in 2019
21. December 2018

[Mixtape] HQ – Medication (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by HQ!
6. October 2018

[Mixtape] MANi$H – MAN-i$H (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by MANi$H!
17. September 2018

[Mixtape] Solarrio & BlackLioN – #GetShitDone (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by Solarrio & BlackLioN!
16. September 2018

[Mixtape] DuB N Stackz – Stack’N DuB’s (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Double Or Nothin Ent presents DuB N Stackz - Stack'N DuB's (Hosted by DJ Noize)
16. August 2018

[Mixtape] Jus Dre – The Notebook Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Jus Dré & DJ Noize bring you "The NoteBook Vol. 1". A collection of the English language in rhythm with that Old-school vibe you know and love.
28. July 2018

[Mixtape] Boomer – Boomer Vol.2 – Wake The Fuck Up (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New Boomer mixtape!
1. July 2018

[Mixtape] First Name Shayne – InShayne In The Brain (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by First Name Shayne! Production by Solarrio and features by BlackLioN, Barock S.L.U.M.S., Mistah Moves & Solarrio.
12. April 2018

[Mixtape] MDEE The Veteran – Outside Lookin In Vol. 2 (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Mike Millions, 1 of 8 siblings, was born April 10, 1988 in The Notorious Cabrini Green Projects. Through consistency, consideration, and common sense, Mike Millionz has broke through a lot of barriers as he strives for greatness.
14. February 2018

[Mixtape] Lonnie Dangerous – Ambitionz Az A Writer (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Chè Sarai’s thought-provoking lyricism has the precision of a surgeon’s knife. She is a ticking bomb and her debut mixtape Prinzess Diary: 1 is sure to hold you hostage from the Intro to the last track and back again. Warning: Prepare to be a fan. We want more!
9. February 2018

[Mixtape] Chè Sarai – Prinzess Diary: 1 (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Chè Sarai’s thought-provoking lyricism has the precision of a surgeon’s knife. She is a ticking bomb and her debut mixtape Prinzess Diary: 1 is sure to hold you hostage from the Intro to the last track and back again. Warning: Prepare to be a fan. We want more!
2. February 2018

[Mixtape] Dali – Olde English (Hosted by DJ Noize)

With story-telling reminiscent of hip hop’s golden age, Olde English takes you on a journey so vivid, you’d swear you experienced it firsthand. Dali opens up about her darkest moments, while bringing light to her true talent. From wordplay to melody, Dali delivers with absolutely no holds barred.
21. November 2017

[Mixtape] LYK – Ivy (Hosted by DJ Noize)

LYK - The Mixed Kid, a young light skin artist making his way through the ranks with his debut project "Ivy" showing his lyrical skill
29. October 2017

[Mixtape] DJ Noize – The New LA Kings (Hosted by Ty Dolla $ign)

DJ Noize presents 'The New LA Kings' hosted by Ty Dolla $ign! This is a best of Ty Dolla $ign including all his hit singles and the best feature parts.
26. July 2017

[Mixtape] Bobby Baggumz – BaggzNificent (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by South Carolina artist Bobby Baggumz hosted by DJ Noize.
26. May 2017

[Mixtape] Romey Kash – Money Lingo (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Yung Stunnaz Music Group presents Romey Kash’s new mixtape „Money Lingo“
23. May 2017

[Mixtape] A1 Diego – They Didn’t See It Coming (Hosted by DJ Noize & DJ Dave)

A1 Diego coming outta Cleveland Ohio with his first official project. This kid shows a lot of promise and is definitely an artist to watch. Be on the lookout for what he does next!
28. March 2017

[Mixtape] Acee – Changes Make Champions (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by Acee!
3. March 2017

[Mixtape] DJ Noize – Indy Takeover

DJ Noize presents "Indy Takeover" featuring some of the hottest independent artists in the rap game!
4. February 2017

[Mixtape] Yung Maja – I’m Here Now (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Yung Maja giving you his hottest Mixtape hosted by DJ Noize and produced by Duse Beatz.
25. December 2016

[Mixtape] Tripsup – Designer Bars (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Download the highly anticipated mixtape from New England's rising star, Tripsup - "Designer Bars" hosted by DJ Noize.
24. November 2016

[Mixtape] Clark Franklin – The Crock Pot (Hosted by DJ Noize)

This Thanksgiving Clark Franklin is coming with the "The Crock Pot". The rapper from Upstate NY teamed up with DJ Noize to release his debut mixtape filled with nothing but good music.
28. September 2016

[Mixtape] Big K – No Handouts (Hosted by DJ Noize & DJ Jazz)

New mixtape by independent artist Nautigod from Petersburg, VA.
19. July 2016

[Mixtape] Nick Rob (@nickrob504beast) – The Arrival (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Nick Rob, the refugee, growing up in New Orleans, relocating to the streets of Arkansas, trying to pave a way to his destination. This is his story, his journey, his Arrival.
2. July 2016

[Mixtape] @Nautigod – I’m Moving To Cali (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New mixtape by independent artist Nautigod from Petersburg, VA.
27. May 2016

[Mixtape] Macc Dub – Self, Health, Wealth & Nothing Else (Hosted by DJ Noize)

3. May 2016

[Mixtape] TLewis (@tlewis216) – RNB-Z (Hosted by @DJNoize)

TLewis from Cleveland, Ohio brings us a versatile , creative and unique mixtape. From Soul singing to rugged Trap rappin to chill layed back vibes.
15. March 2016

[Mixtape] Turnt Bachelor – The Klub Tape (Hosted by DJ Noize)

20 year old rapper, Turnt Bachelor, coming out of the Inland Empire with his debut mixtape.
3. March 2016

[Mixtape] Chingy (@chingyjackpot) & M.C (@therichcityboy) – The Purge (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Official Mixtape by Chingy & M.C!
16. February 2016

[Mixtape] Ben J (@ImBenJbro) – #FreeBenJ (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New official mixtape by Ben J of the New Boyz!
10. February 2016

[Mixtape] Joe Da Pro (@itsjoedapro) – Social Rehab (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New mixtape by Joe Da Pro!
2. February 2016

[Mixtape] V’Tanna (@lilvvt) – Purple Rain (Hosted by @DJNoize)

V'Tanna puts it down on on this mixtape showing off his skills and why some people say he may be the future king of rap
26. January 2016

[Mixtape] Lil’ Sly (@LilSly_MrPolo) – IL’-LA (Reloaded) (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Lil' Sly has opened for artist such as Future, Boosie, Webbie & many more. Releasing the follow up project to his 2015 debut album "IL'-LA“, comes the project "IL'-LA (Reloaded)" hosted by DJ Noize.
5. January 2016

[Mixtape] Young Price – Respect My Name (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New mixtape by Young Price!
3. November 2015

[Mixtape] Oliver Twist – 94 To The Casket (Hosted by @DJNoize)

From the 815, midwestern United States going worldwide, "The Young Prince of the Misfits" Oliver Twist teams up with the German mixtape master DJ Noize to bring you "94 to the Casket", a deep look into the ever dramatic life of a young outcast as he makes his way to the top of the Hip Hop industry from the ground up. 100% Indie, 100% underground. A No holds barred art piece with styles ranging from Golden Era to Modern day West Coast production alongside no filter lyricism that will keep you locked in from start to finish!
21. July 2015

[Mixtape] @JoeCeezer – Bound 2 Shine (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New Mixtape by New Jersey artist Joe Ceezer!
5. June 2015

[Mixtape] Jugg Castro (@Jugg_Castro) – Bad News (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New Mixtape by Jugg Castro!
5. March 2015

[Mixtape] Blak (@ibeblak) – Coffee and Kush (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New mixtape by Blak!
8. August 2014

[Mixtape] Tazzino (@tazzof408) – Mob Poems (Hosted by @DJNoize)

New Mixtape by Tazzino
13. May 2014

[Mixtape] @ChingyJackpot presents FullDekk Fullosiphy (Mixed by @DJNoize)

Chingy brings out the whole FullDekk Music Group on this new release. FullDekk Fullosiphy is hosted by DJ Noize and features all FullDekk artists including Soulo, M.C, Vega, Lil Bit Mr 9:15, Jus Swift and of course Chingy Jackot!
13. May 2014

[Mixtape] @ApolloEscobar – The Blackhand Mixtape (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Real hip hop is back as Apollo Escobar drops the highly anticipated ‎project "The BlackHand Mixtape"
23. April 2014

[Mixtape] Fontaine (@isoremusic) – The Commencement (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Fontaine is a breath of fresh air to the game. Remember when the music was just that, music? Remember when rhyming was a craft and something you took pride in. Well Fontaine of Isore Records is here to remind you in his mixtape "The Commencement".
19. November 2013

[Mixtape] Smiley (@Smiley613rd) – Real Recognize Real Vol. 1 (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Coming out of Canada's capital at only 19 years of age, Smiley has proven to be one of the hottest unsigned artists. Smileys debut mixtape "Real Recognize Real" showcases his lyrical genius, and untouchable flow. This 21 track mixtape hosted by DJ Noize includes features from Max B, Ransom, Tha Riot Squad and more!
19. October 2013

[Mixtape] @MoeWaveyy – Recognition (Hosted by @DJNoize)

21 year old artist Moe Waveyy is back with a new full length mixtape, #Recognition.
12. September 2013
Bari - American Horror Story (Hosted by DJ Noize)

[Mixtape] Bari (@a1_bari) – American Horror Story (Hosted by @DJNoize & DJ Yungrich)

Brand new mixtape by Bari representing Memphis/Tennessee. This project is called "American Horror Story" and is hosted by DJ Noize & DJ Yungrich.
2. June 2013

[Mixtape] S.B.A (@its_sba) – A Long Time Coming (Hosted by @DJInfamousATL & @DJNoize)

S.B.A, born and raised in Montreal, this is his debut mixtape "A Long Time Coming" hosted by DJ Infamous (Ludacris' official DJ) and DJ Noize.
24. May 2013

[Mixtape] @RobLuna – Full Breach Volume 1 (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Full Breach: Volume 1, presented by @RobLuna & hosted by @DJNoize is the first mixtape in the much anticipated "Full Breach" series. This release features 22 tracks which are collaborations with many talented artists from NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Franscisco, Florida, South Carolina & many more.
14. May 2013

[Mixtape] Fuse (@Fuse982) – Untouchable (Hosted by @DJNoize)

USIN presents Fuse's brand new mixtape "Untouchable". The North Carolina native Fuse comes up with this 20-track strong mixtape, hosted by DJ Noize. The mixtape is a nice compination of great lyrics and dope by beats by @Y2Beat.
23. April 2013

[Mixtape] Certified Flyguyz (@CF_Flyguyz) – My Brother & Me: The Landing Vol.2 (Hosted by @DJNoize)

The Certified Flyguyz a.k.a. MBM (My Brother & Me) teamed up with DJ Noize for their new mixtape "The Landing Vol.2". The 2 brothers Air Marley & Rich Thee Flyguy hit you with 12 bangin songs produced by Gee No Green, Kacey Khaliel, Ben Rosen and more.
11. November 2012

[Mixtape] @BLKRAW – Fact-vs-Fiction (Hosted by @DJNoize)

1 year after their release of "Who is BLKRAW?" DJ Noize and BLKRAW teamed up again to bring you the brand new mixtape "Fact-Vs-Fiction". Check out this 19-track strong project!
8. November 2012

[Mixtape] Citizen (@Citizen_slg) – Act II (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Lyricist Citizen teams up with DJ Noize to deliver some original music and freestyles off iconic beats from Dead Pres to Shook Ones.
31. October 2012

[Mixtape] Chingy (@ChingyJackpot) – Chances Make Champions (Hosted by @DJNoize)

Chingy is back with another official mixtape! "Chances Make Champions" is hosted by DJ Noize and features 14 brand new & original songs!
31. October 2012

[Mixtape] Apollo – Gold Blooded (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by upcoming rapper Apollo called "Gold Blooded"
17. September 2012

[Mixtape] Basement Beats Records presents Ko-Existence (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Koko of Basement Beats (Multi Platinum & Grammy Award Winning Producers) teams up with DJ Noize for the release of "Ko-Existence". Koko showcases his rapper side and producer side that Ko-Exist on every track with some special features to deliver this mix.
17. July 2012
Big K - I'm Just Getting Warmed Up

[Mixtape] Big K – Im Just Getting Warmed Up (Hosted by DJ Noize)

Big K a.k.a. Killah Kizzle from Jackson, MS is giving you 18 hard-knocking tracks on his new mixtape ”I’m Just Getting Warmed Up”. The project features artists like Kharizma, Lucky Rio, Lee SC and others.
27. June 2012

[Mixtape] M.C – Bachelor Party (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New mixtape by STL native M.C aka The Rich City Boy! "Bachelor Party" is hosted by DJ Noize and features artists like Chingy, Vega Heartbreak, Shaft, Aloha Mi'Sho and more!
8. May 2012

[Mixtape] OzihcS – Classic Vol.1: Past, Present and Future (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New Mixtape by Ozihcs [skit-sō] featuring Lil Wyte, Sity Boii, Joe Gator, Lil Will and more!
24. April 2012

[Mixtape] Ziggy – 1st Impression (Hosted by DJ Noize)

New Jersey rapper Ziggy presents his newest mixtape called "1st Impression" featuring productions by Diamond Style, J-Rum, Jet Lag, DJ Naydee and more!
12. April 2012

[Mixtape] Black Flag Commitee – Bodies Forda Coroner (Hosted by DJ Noize)

B.F.C. coming at you wîth their newest project. "Bodies Forda Coroner" is a compilation mixtape of the Illinois based Rap squad Black Flag Committee. All members are featured on this 20-track mixtape.
6. April 2012

[Mixtape] Troy Ma$$ – Generation Riot (Hosted by DJ Noize, DJ CapCom & DJ Young Cee)

Troy Ma$$ presents his new mixtape "Generation Riot". For this tape he got 3 DJ's hosting at the same time: DJ Noize, DJ Capcom & DJ Young Cee!
1. April 2012

[Mixtape] Dre C – Hello My Name Is (hosted by DJ Noize)

New Mixtape by Dre C
7. March 2012

[Mixtape] Chingy – Jackpot Back (Mixed by DJ Noize)

After 2 mixtapes, “Fresh Thug Vol.1” and “Stars & Straps Reloaded“, Chingy and DJ Noize teamed up again to drop a another fresh mixtape. “Jackpot Back” features 17 original and brand new tracks by Chingy.
30. December 2011

[Mixtape] Ghetto The Plug – Dopish Chapter 2: Welcome To My Jungle (Hosted by DJ Kurupt & DJ Noize)

New Mixtape by Ghetto The Plug featuring artists like I-20, Jacki O, Murphy Lee, Princess, Titi Boi and others.
26. October 2011

[Mixtape] Mitch Moolah – Hurricane Season (hosted by DJ Noize)

New Artist Mixtape! Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes presents “MITCH MOOLAH – HURRICANE SEASON (HOSTED BY DJ NOIZE)”  Tracklist: 01. Finally (Feat. Hersh) [Prod. by Beats Planet]02. Takeoff […]
5. October 2011

[Mixtape] Reid – 2 Minute Takes Back To Essence (hosted by DJ Noize)

New Artist Mixtape! “REID – 2 MINUTE TAKES BACK TO ESSENCE (HOSTED BY DJ NOIZE)” Tracklist: 01. Before The Intro02. No Hope (Intro)03. Too Ready04. Cabin […]
4. October 2011

[EP] Josh Munds – The Odd (hosted by DJ Noize)

“JOSH MUNDS – THE ODD (HOSTED BY DJ NOIZE)” Tracklist: 01. Intro / Shut ‘Em Down02. Ode To The Odd03. Anger Management04. Never Look Back (Ft. […]
30. September 2011

[Mixtape] Profit – High Times (hosted by DJ Noize)

“PROFIT – HIGH TIMES (HOSTED BY DJ NOIZE)” Tracklist: 01. Camo Shorts (Intro)02. 3-D (Prod. by Sledgren)03. My Mind (Prod. by Sledgren)04. Games (Prod. by ID […]
27. September 2011

[Mixtape] G.A.P. – Crown Me (hosted by DJ Kurupt & DJ Noize)

“G.A.P. – CROWN ME (HOSTED BY DJ KURUPT & DJ NOIZE)”   Tracklist: 01. Intro – The Great King02. Crown Me (Prod. by CC Boy Music)03. […]
5. August 2011

[Mixtape] @MoeWaveyy – Next Semester (hosted by @DJNoize)

New Artist Mixtape! “MOE WAVEYY – NEXT SEMESTER (HOSTED BY DJ NOIZE)” Tracklist: 01. School Daze (Intro) (Prod. Drum Gang)02. Work To Do (Prod. Bravestarr)03. Chillin’ […]
31. July 2011

[Mixtape] Shugga Shane – Ears To The Streets (hosted by DJ Noize & DJ Mustard)

Shugga Shane drops his dopest work yet, the “Ears To The Streets” Mixtape which is hosted by DJ Noize & LA’s own DJ Mustard (Pushaz Ink Official DJ)! Shane worked with various producers on this 24 Track mixtape such as Johnny Juliano, ID Labs, the Shah Bros + more! Artist features include Gamble, Lil Shine, Quicc, Shakespear, Celestial, Draztik, Rated PG, J-Doc, & LIL WAYNE!
8. June 2011

[Mixtape] DJ Brandnew x DJ Noize x K. Michelle – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

DJ Noize and DJ Brandnew doin it again! This time they got something for the RnB lovers! “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” is starring none other than RnB Sensation and Jive recording artist K. Michelle. The 20-Track mixtape features all her current releases, exclusive songs and of course the hits of R. Kelly’s protégé. Enjoy the prequel of K. Michelle’s upcoming album “Pain Medicine”.
25. May 2011

[Mixtape] DJ Brandnew x DJ Noize x Yung Berg – Yungn

Yung Berg teams up with DJ Noize and DJ Brandnew to bring you this compilation of recent material, features & exclusives presented by The Leakers & Smash Camp
12. May 2011

[Mixtape] BLKRAW – Who is BLKRAW (mixed by DJ Noize)

New Artist Mixtape! BLKRAW – WHO IS BLKRAW (MIXED BY DJ NOIZE)   Tracklist:01. My Haters (ft Drake) (Produced by Brave Starr)02. GangSta (ft Mr Ruff) […]
3. May 2011

[Mixtape] DJ Noize & I-20 – Interstate Trafficking

DJ Noize comes up with a “Mixed & Destroyed” Special Edition. This special mixtape is all about DTP artist and Ludacris protégé I-20. “Interstate Trafficking” features brand new tracks by 20 with productions by Buckwild, Salaam Remi, DJ Pain, The Heatmakerz, Dirty Dunnz and Trakk Sounds. Besides new songs featuring Ludacris, Freeway, Roccettand others, Noize also added some classic tracks to give people a heads up where I-20 comes from. The dealer is back!
3. May 2011

[Mixtape/EP] Van GO – City of Change (mixed by DJ Noize)

It was only a few months ago when Van GO began experimenting in the booth as an artist. From the moment he heard his voice through a stereo he knew he could change the way the game is played. With the release of his debut "City of Change" he's making it clear that being different is more than (acceptable) it's underrated.
1. May 2011

[Mixtape] Zion – Dark Angel (mixed by DJ Noize)

Zion, aka Love.of.Xion (L.o.X) reppin VA, Georgia drops his new mixtape "Dark Angel" with DJ Noize. Definitely a mixtape which is "different" from the mixtapes droppin these days. Here's a quote from Zion's Biography which exactly descripes his style of music: "My voice to the world is poetical justice. Speaking for myself and for those who can't articulate there feelings...there aggression, there everything is more than platinum. It's more then music, more than hip-hop and a catchy doo-wop. Emotion. Artistic.Creativity.My Way Of Life." Zion
26. April 2011

[Mixtape] L.O.E. – Lyrically Acclaimed (mixed by DJ Noize)

New Artist Mixtape! L.O.E. (Lyrics Over Everything) is an up and coming rap duo located in Tampa, FL. The duo consists of long time friends Haze […]
4. April 2011

[Mixtape] Crav’n Exposure Vol. 1 (mixed by DJ Noize)

New Mixtape! THE CRAVE ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTSCRAV’N EXPOSURE VOL. 1 (MIXED BY DJ NOIZE) Tracklist:01. Team Monopoly – Round It Up02. Dapa Don – Drippin Swagga03. Pryme […]
1. April 2011

[Mixtape] Yung Ace – Cali Life (mixed by DJ Noize)

New Artist Mixtape! YUNG ACE – CALI LIFE (MIXED BY DJ NOIZE) Tracklist:01. Killing The Competition02. We Party03. Fire Flame Spitta Freestyle04. Never Been Freestyle05. Blown06. […]
6. March 2011

[Mixtape] D.O.B – It’s All Fr3e (mixed by DJ Noize)

D.O.B (Definition of Brothers) is a upcoming group of young rappers from London City, U.K. For their mixtape It's All Fr3e, the 3 members Young Ram, V8 Drew and Rhizzy Rock chose DJ Noize to put his stamp on it. Check It Out!
12. February 2011

[Mixtape] SF Merlo – Sleeping Wit Da Fishes (mixed by DJ Noize)

DJ Noize teams up with Toronto's up and coming rapper SF Merlo. The "Can't B Life" member titled his mixtape "Sleepin Wit Da Fishes" but Merlo is definitely an artist you shouldn't sleep on. The mixtape was features on canada's most famous hip hop website hiphopcanada.com
4. January 2011

[Mixtape] DJ Noize & Ben J (of New Boyz) – Chill Talk

Smash Camp and #100 Records present "Chill Talk" - the official solo mixtape by Ben J of the New Boyz. After a successful Europe Tour, Ben J decited to let DJ Noize put his new mixtape together to make sure all the european folks hear his music too...and they did!
22. November 2010

[Mixtape] DJ Noize & Tyga – Loyal & Focused

Smash Camp Entertainment & YMCMB present "DJ Noize & Tyga - Loyal & Focused" - Tyga's official Europe Tour Mixtape! Featuring all his best & latest music and exclusive Remixes
16. August 2010

[Mixtape] DJ Noize & B.o.B – Time 2 Shine

Smash Camp and Grand Hustle present "DJ Noize & B.o.B - Time 2 Shine". Noize & Bobby Ray teamed up to bring you this mixtape full of the best B.o.B tracks, unreleased material and exclusive tracks and remixes!